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Hotel Brands in Greece: summary

21% of Greek hotel rooms are branded
Τour operators in top positions
6 out of 10 rooms in 5* category are branded

The Hotel Brands Report of GBR Consulting (March 2014) incorporates branded chains which have at least two hotel properties in their portfolio and are branded as a group. Four brand types have been categorised and analysed:

  • International brand: an international brand is a hotel brand that has a presence in
    more than one country;
  • National brand: a national brand is a brand that has a presence in various
    geographic regions within Greece with no presence abroad;
  • Local brand: a local brand is a brand that is present in only one geographic area in
  • Consortium: a consortium is a marketing partnership of a group of individual hotels.

According to the report, only 6 % of hotels in Greece is branded but, due to their comparatively larger size, they represent 21% of the rooms.

Branded versus non branded hotels & hotel rooms

The dominance of tour operators in the Greek hotel market is also reflected by the fact that the TUI and Thomas Cook are in the first and fourth position among all brands on the basis of room count, the former offering 10,199 rooms in 48 hotels and the latter 3,153 rooms in 19 hotels, most of which are 4* and 5* properties. The second place is taken by national brand Mitsis Hotels with 6,143 rooms, also mainly with 4* and 5* properties and in third position Aquis Hotels & Resorts, who will operate resorts in Turkey, Spain, Italy and Malta as from this season.

Top 10 hotel brands in Greece

Among non-tour operator brands, the stongest presence is by Starwood with 2,360 rooms in 11 hotels, all 5* properties, while international brands such as Hilton and Intercontinental, while Marriott has recently withdrawn from Greece. Other brands in the the top-10 include the national consortium Bee Happy with 48 hotels / 2,723 rooms, Aldemar hotels with 7 / 2,587 rooms and the international consortia Tablet Hotels with 38 hotels / 2,124 rooms, Leading Hotels of the World with 12 hotels / 2,113 rooms and Small Luxury Hotels of the World with 46 hotels / 2,098 rooms.

Looking at the distribution of branded hotels per category, we notice that 33% of branded properties are 5*, 42% are 4*, 15% are 3*, 10% are 2* and 1% is 1*.

Branded Properties per Hotel Category

Considering the penetration of the various categories, 5* hotels / rooms are branded by 56% / 65%, the 4* hotels by 20% / 36 %, while penetration rates in the lower categories are considerably lower. It is also observed that international brands are particularly strong in the 5* segment, national brands in the 4* and local brands in the 1* - 3*.

Penetration of branded hotels per category

The full study covers 480 pages and includes full details of which hotels belong to what brand (international, national, local, consortium) across the country and for each prefecture. It also includes an analytical presentation of the brands represented in Greece by specifying the branded hotels, their 'flag', the number of rooms and their respective category. Finally, the study includes details of the branded hotels by category and by prefecture and contains many tables, graphs and maps.

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