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We will create a Clear Vision
to support your growth!

GBR Consulting

The Business Consultants of GBR Consulting support clients develop their businesses in a structured manner leading to growth.

Our Business Consulting Firm delivers your goal through extensive market intelligence and use of management tools leading to objective analysis and the design and implementation of creative, practical and lasting solutions.

Our Consulting Company supports your business:

  • Through financial analysis, we ensure effective financial planning.
  • Through cost analysis studies leading to cost cutting solutions.
  • Through customer satisfaction and mystery client surveys we can reveal possible bottlenecks as well as strong points of the company, and propose improvements, leading to improved customer satisfaction leading to higher sales.
  • By recognising new trends in the market, we ensure that the company stays ahead of competition or establishes new partnerships boosting its competitiveness.
  • Through optimising business processes within the company, employees will work more efficiently and independently, while costs are cut and job satisfaction increases.

GBR Consulting has strong corporate affiliations through Atria - part of the CBRE affiliate network, STR Global and Dream Resorts & Hotels -  Innovative Advisory Services. Furthermore, Stefan Merkenhof, Managing Consultant of GBR Consulting, is a member of the Investment Committee of the Global Hotel Network. Finally, GBR Consulting is a member of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE). For more information please visit our affiliations section.

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