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Golf Consulting


Greece has a large golf development potential as there are just 6 golf courses whereas, based on the international arrivals and the percentage of tourists looking for golf infrastructure, it should have over 40. Large hotel units have also realized that owning golf infrastructure is not only a source of revenue but a crucial parameter at the decision process of their clientele. However, identifying the right location in terms of economic, social and ecologic sustainability are challenges that have to be taken into deep consideration.

GBR Consulting helps investors to achieve this goal, through market research, golf resort feasibility studies and valuations of multiple use resort.


  • Evaluatiοn of the following markets: a) Hotels, b) Managed Attractions, c) Golf, d) Marinas, e) Sports, f) Medical, g) Education, and provision of Master Planning advice for the Redevelopment plan of a major coastal side in Athens – Greece
  • Valuation of multiple use resort, including golf, in Central Greece
  • Market Repositioning and Financial Feasibility Study for Multipe Resort in N. Greece, including 3 hotels, marina, golf etc.
  • Feasibility Study for a Compac Golf course in Corfu
  • Market and Financial Feasibility Study for an 18-hole golf course in Chalkidiki, Greece
  • Market Research for the Assessment of Golf Demand in Greece as part of the European Strategy of Gleaneagles Hotels
  • Conceptualization, Market Demand and Financial Evaluation of proposed multi-facility tourist complexes including golf courses, marinas, hotels and various supporting facilities, in Marathon
  • Market and Financial Feasibility Study for a proposed integrated Hotel, Golf Course, Leisure Villages and Marina complex in Crete
  • Market and Financial Feasibility Study for a proposed integrated Hotel, Golf Course and Real Estate development in Paphos, Cyprus
  • Participation in project management for development of 700 hectares into a real estate and leisure complex

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