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Greek Market Research – Entry

The rigorous implementation of the Economic Policy Program agreed with the EC, the ECB and the IMF in May 2010 as a response to the debt crisis in Greece, is expected to boost competitiveness in the middle to long term and stabilise public debt. Success hinges upon strict expenditure control and improvements in tax compliance, coupled with decisive reforms to reduce rigidities in labour and product markets.

A strong commitment to longer-term fiscal consolidation and continued structural reforms is essential to secure sustainable finances and to restore confidence and growth. Greece kicked off the implementation with an impressive fiscal adjustment, and moved on to passing through parliament Laws that signify significant structural adjustments in the economy.

As markets are restructuring, new opportunities in various sectors will arise.

Additionally, Greece can act as a gateway to the Balkans and the Middle East due to its traditionally excellent relationships with these countries. Greek companies can open doors in these areas easier and more effectively because they already have a strong presence in those areas and have much experience in doing business with them; already the Greek business sector is one of the leading investors in the Balkan countries. It is indicative that both the Balkan Reconstruction and Development Fund of the EU as well as the Black Sea Bank are headquartered in Greece.

Therefore, we have developed a "market scan" to identify quickly opportunities for doing business in Greece. Please click on the menu on the top right to read more.

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