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Business Strategy Consulting Greece - Cyprus

Strategic Consulting Issues & Themes:


  • Should I expand internationally and if yes, how do I approach it?
  • Which product / market combinations are most promising for my company?
  • Can the success and continuity also be assured without me?
  • Should I form partnerships and alliances to strengthen our position?
  • How are parties moving in the value chain, how will the chain look in the future and how do I respond to that now?
  • How are my competitors moving? What concepts do they introduce?
  • Which of my planned investments do I give priority?
  • Which developments are taking place in my market and how do I take advantage of it?
  • Which factors are critical for our company's success?


  • Strategic vision
  • Business plan
  • Corporate Strategy advice
  • Strategic Planning and implementation
  • Business Development

Business Strategy determines the direction towards which an organisation is moving; defines the goals of the company and its employees; identifies the key ingredients on which success is based. Targets should be formulated clearly, but equally important they should be communicated clearly and be based on solid facts regarding market opportunities and company capability.

The consultants of GBR Consulting can guide you with a clear, strategic approach, supporting client- management with visions and concepts, executing analysis and stimulating discussions.

But our strategy consulting services go further. We can supply and analyse branch- and market data, guide the decision making process, advise you of the optimum form of financing of the plans etc.

If desired we can document the above in a business plan which can be used internally and externally for financial institutions.

Whatever the mode of collaboration, our objective is unique: helping the client make the right choice.



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