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Organization Consulting Greece - Cyprus

Organization Issues & Themes:


  • How do I link daily employee actions to my corporate strategy?
  • How do I measure whether we are on track and if adjustments are necessary?
  • How do I improve employee performance?
  • What is the optimum organisation structure?


  • Organisation structure
  • Strategic mapping
  • Job descriptions: objectives, tasks, responsibilities, authorities
  • (balanced) scorecards
  • Employee Performance Tool: Personal Business Commitment
  • Quality System: manual, procedures, work instructions, forms

Organization Consulting services include:

a) Organisational structure and development

A functioning company necessitates a complex total of several processes, which can be found throughout the organisation, such as in the purchase department, sales department, administration etc. These processes need to be streamlined in a way that they all contribute efficiently to the successful accomplishment of the company mission and positioning of the firm in the market.

The consultants of GBR Consulting can analyse company processes and develop solutions to run them more efficiently and effectively and assist in the implementation. If desired, we can document the processes, tasks, responsibilities and authorities in a practical manual.

Co-ordination, communication and control are achieved among the tasks performed by the various departments / staff of the organisation.

b) Management information

As a manager you want to know whether the defined targets are being achieved. Furthermore, you would like to know how your organisation is positioned towards your competitors and you want to have access to relevant external developments. Then soon the question is raised: do I have enough relevant information to adjust quickly?

The organisation consultants of GBR Consulting can design in close partnership with the client a management reporting system, based on financial and non-financial indicators.



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